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Screech.. The wail of a pup amidst a dog fight was the wake-up call to life with and FOR DOGS.

From birth until the age of 18, I’ve had a phobia of animals (including dogs). However, one fine day when I found a pup being pushed to a marshland and was wounded, I had to set aside my phobia to rush and rescue the little one with a body full of wounds and droplets of blood everywhere.

While I did have a short association with another Pomeranian pup named Aenna when I was 19, it all began at 22, and it’s going to be a decade.

From a person who has been human-centric, my life now revolves around tiny little creatures, including dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, and turtles.

After I adopted the little pupper from the fight, I named her Winny and she held the green flag to signal my mission of rescuing and rehabilitating animals to make Earth a better place to live and also co-exist.

Over the years, I’ve rescued and rehabilitated 100s of animals (primarily dogs but also included horses, cows, pigs, goats). The love from a paw and the wag at the end of the day keep me going!

I’ve also kickstarted a non-profit, non-governmental venture in the outskirts of Chennai, Tamilnadu, India, by the name Life with Equality Charitable Trust in the notion to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome animals. However, we have also ensured dignified burials for animals sans caretakers.

So, coming to the question – Who am I?

My name is Sowmya Sankaran and my vision in life is to build a safe haven for paws that they can call their own and build more co-existing communities.

With the growing number of abuses and neglects, animals need someone to voice out for them. What if you and I can be the influencers?

From minpins to Great Danes, labradors to pugs, I’ve handled umpteen breeds in my experience and trained dogs through positive reinforcement.

On an empathy-first mission, I also took one step ahead and created a world record for writing a book by the name “Voice of voiceless,” which is 15,178 words and was written in 8 hours 43 minutes impromptu.

Do you love being around your fur baby?

Do you love those wet kisses?

Do you adore wags?

Do you admire the naughtiness of a fur baby?

Come join me in giving them the right care and instilling the hope that humans are truly reliable, better caretakers, and love them!

Oh, and if you love all creatures (in addition to dogs), check out my exclusive blog for small pets (truly small): Petsmond